Campaign launched to rename town after David Bowie

News 19/03/2018

A big David Bowie fan has launched a campaign to have the English town, Aylesbury renamed 'Aylesbowie' as a tribute to the musician.

The campaign comes just after a successful crowdfunding appeal to have a Bowie statue placed in the town.

The statue will be revealed on March 25.

Aylesbury’s Friars venue was the location of Bowie's first-ever performance in his Ziggy Stardust character, the BBC reported.

“Following the untimely death of David Bowie on 10 January 2016, a groundswell of opinion surfaced in Buckinghamshire, England, to celebrate his art in a permanent way, in recognition of the strong connection he had with music club Friars Aylesbury,” fan David Stopps said on his petition page.




“Bowie performed the world debuts of two of the most iconic albums of the 20th Century, Hunky Dory and The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, at Friars Aylesbury in 1971/72. He formed the Spiders from Mars in the tiny Friars dressing room and referenced Aylesbury Market Square in the first line of ‘Five Years.’ … The Bowie statue will give an enormous boost to tourism in the area so please join us in calling for the town to be renamed Aylesbowie.”

Stopps told the BBC: “Since records began there have been 57 variations of the town’s name.”

The statue features Bowie in a number of his personas, including Ziggy Stardust and was created by sculptor Andrew Sinclair.

There will be speakers mounted on the installation which will play a Bowie track every hour.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock