Hear Roger Waters new track 'Supremacy'

music news 14/03/2018

Roger Waters has recorded himself reciting part of Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish's 'The Penultimate Speech of the 'Red Indian' to the White Man.'

With musical backing by Le Trio Joubran, a group of oud-playing brothers, he's released it as a new track called 'Supremacy.'

"Le Trio Joubran and I have collaborated to perform an excerpt from an epic poem by the great Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish," Waters wrote on Facebook. "On the surface it narrates the last speech of the Native American to The White Man, but it speaks also to Darwish's beloved Palestine, and its indigenous people, in fact to all victims of settler colonialism everywhere."

"We have been touring the world with our ouds for the past 15 years, taking with us – from city to city – a bit of Palestine," the band said in a statement reprinted by Rolling Stone. "We honor the struggles of indigenous peoples across the globe, and through our art, affirm that the relationship between people, culture and their homeland survives history."

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock