How Robert Plant turned away from mainstream rock

Music 21/03/2018

At 69 years old, Robert Plant still manages to commercial and pop cultural relevancy while making exactly the type of music he wants to record without any concern for trends.

He started his solo career with a few pop hits but started turning away from mainstream rock in the early 90's.

Plant pinpointed the change to the months he spent working on his 1993 Fate of Nations LP. Saying he was "straining all the time" to balance more traditional rock sounds against the more experimental stuff he was being drawn toward.

"I was shaping myself up for later on, but later on came in 1992 with Fate of Nations," said Plant. "I really do believe that I was able to get it — I went up into the Mojave Desert. I didn't see Arthur or Odin, but what I did see was a long-term view of actually getting on board the whole deal, and I suppose, really ... I would have been 43, I think, but I knew I had arrived within myself. I was trying to break out and in all the time through songs after we lost John [Bonham]."

Whatever it was and whatever caused it, it led to Plant records that rank among the most well-received of his career and he's determined to keep going saying that his "retirement tour" will happen when he's found in a "rock face in about 10 million years' time."

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock