See Roger Waters sing 'Goodnight, Irene' with Lucius

Music 06/03/2018

A new video has been released of Roger Waters teaming up with the members of Lucius to perform 'Goodnight, Irene'.

Lucius have already had a vocal presence in Waters shows and on his albums since they met up during the Newport Folk Festival in 2015.

Lucius reached out to Waters asking him to join them for a song, a cover of the blues song 'Goodnight, Irene'.

"We had done the song with our own band many times, especially on the first few tours we did," said Wolfe. "And then we got into the Roger camp, and he loves old blues tunes and late-night hangs. The acoustic guitar will come out and he'll want to sing all these blues songs and we all chime in. One of the ones that he loves to do is 'Goodnight, Irene.'"

Check out the video above.