Slash granted restraining order against aggressive fan

music news 14/03/2018

Guns N' Roses' Slash has been granted a restraining order against a man who was seen acting aggressively near his home after failing to gain entry.

The man had tried to persuade a number of people that he was a close friend of Slash’s.

TMZ reports that court action was taken after two incidents in recently.

Documents claimed that the man tried to join a private Super Bowl party at Slash’s house in early February by saying he was a friend. When the guitarist’s girlfriend refused to let him in, he rang the doorbell a number of times and attacked a security camera.

Two weeks later, the man returned and after failing to get into another private party, he sat outside revving his motorcycle engine.

TMZ notes that “the judge granted a temporary restraining order.”

The case is to be heard at a court in Pasadena, on March 29.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock