Steven Tyler announces solo tour

music news 20/03/2018

Steven Tyler has announced a solo tour kicking off this June.

After nearly 50 years of performing with Aerosmith he'll be hitting the road as a solo artist.

"Look, I don't expect to hit like the Beatles or be the second coming of Aerosmith," Tyler said (via USA Today). "It was time for a little break. I'm such a passionate person that if I don't go after my muse like that, I'll wind up on drugs again. I'll wind up arguing with people and just no good."

The tour comes after the release of Tyler's 2016 solo album 'We're all Somebody from Somewhere' which hit number 1 on the billboard Top Country Albums chart and reached top 20 on Billboard 200.

"What would I not pay to go see [Paul] McCartney, but instead of playing with whoever he's with now, actually do [a show] where he tells you what he was thinking when he wrote 'Yesterday'?" he explained. "That's what I'm doing. I figured I'd talk about 'Sweet Emotion' and 'Dream On' and where I was when I wrote it, and 'Seasons of Wither' and how I played it."

Tyler toured with Aerosmith last year but the band had to cut dates after the singer got sick in South America.

His tour starts in New York on June 12 and head into Europe in July and August.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock