The reason why Genesis started writing shorter songs

Music 27/03/2018

As they approached the 80's, Genesis started releasing more concise, radio friendly singles.

Genesis keyboardist, Tony Banks has since returned to long-form pieces. He chatted to Ultimate Classic Rock about Genesis' attempts to create a balance between longer and shorter music.

"I really enjoyed for many years writing longer pieces. We just got to a stage where we wanted to do it a bit differently. I came into the business loving pop music in the '60s, which was all concise. I love the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Kinks, the Zombies – a little bit more imaginative but still concise songs. When we found we could do it, which is something we didn't know we could do, it became very exciting – and I really enjoyed doing that," Banks said.

"We've got lots of short songs, long songs – there are songs like "Domino," "Tonight Tonight Tonight," "Home By the Sea" that have more than one facet to them. When you get it really right with a short song, like "Land of Confusion" or "Follow You, Follow Me," I'm really proud of those songs because there's something about them. I didn't know we could actually do that; it was an exciting thing to do."

"We also all had our solo albums, so on some of mine, I went a bit more extravagant and had some longer pieces like "An Island in the Darkness," which is 17 minutes long. I was able to get that out of my system a bit, really. It was fun doing it both ways. But these days, I suppose I'm back into the longer pieces, but doing it with orchestras."

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock