Tony Banks says Genesis are probably done for good

Music 21/03/2018

Genesis hadn't been together for a decade when Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford held their worldwide 2007 reunion.

Before that they hadn't worked in the studio with Peter Gabriel since 1999 when they re-recorded 'The Carpet Crawlers' as a five piece band.

Now Banks has said in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock that he thinks the band are 'probably' done for good.

Genesis celebrates their 50th anniversary this year but Banks says it is not likely they'll re-record another song.

"I think it's unlikely, really. I think if we're going to do anything, we should do "The Silent Sun" since it's the 50th anniversary of that song. We don't really plan too much, and Peter's a terribly difficult person to tie down. I see him every so often, but he's so difficult, really – even if he's enthusiastic about it. He was 20 years ago – or almost that long ago – when we did the last Genesis reunion. About five years before that, there was talk about doing something with Peter, but Peter was originally into the idea, and then it became difficult," Banks said.

"Even getting everybody in the same place at the same time is impossible, really. The only chance you've ever got is Phil, Mike and I together, but even that's a long shot because of Phil not quite being where he was 20 years ago."

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock