Watch Pink Floyd perform 'Money' back in 1994

Music 26/03/2018

It was the year 1994, Pink Floyd had just released their 14th studio album - The Division Bell and they went out on tour to promote it.

It turned out to a be a very important tour in history - it was the final Pink Floyd tour.

Their tour band consisted of David Gilmour on guitars, lead vocals, lap steel guitar, Nick Mason on drums and percussion and Richard Wright on keyboards, secondary vocals, backing vocals as well as eight other additional musicians.

It became the highest-grossing tour in rock music history to that date, with the band playing the entirety of The Dark Side of the Moon in some shows, for the first time since 1975.

The final concert of the tour on 29 October 1994 turned out to be the final full-length Pink Floyd performance, and the last time Pink Floyd played live before their one-off 18-minute reunion with Roger Waters at Live 8 on 2 July 2005.

Watch their awesome performance of 'Money' above.