Why Ian Anderson left a club once Robert Plant got onstage

Music 08/03/2018

Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson talked about his first time meeting Robert Plant and how his band "got out pretty quickly" after Plant got onstage.

The incident took place in the mid 60's in London before both artists were as successful.

“I’ve never been a strong singer,” said Anderson, who was complimented for retaining the vocal abilities of “a man decades younger” during a recent interview with Prog magazine. “Comparing me to, say, Robert Plant is absurd – he has a God-given talent, which I recognized, fearfully, the first time I ever met him, when [British blues icon] Alexis Korner brought him into a club we were in."

Anderson said they were playing in a "dreary, sh*tty club in town and it was awful" when Korner "came in with this lean youth and said, ‘All right if my boy stands in and does a number? He sings and plays harmonica.’ And I was like, ‘Well, that’s what I do, but sure, I’ll just sit this one out and he can have a go.’”

“You knew instantly that he had something special about him," he said of Plant. "And he was a good harmonica player too. I sat there feeling this growing dread. … We got out of there pretty quickly, as I recall. Not too much looking back that night.”

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

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