Fleetwood Mac keen to play pre-Buckingham songs on upcoming tour

music news 26/04/2018

Lindsey Buckingham's departure has given Fleetwood Mac a chance to mix up their set list for their new tour.

In a recent interview, Stevie Nicks said that they'll be taking songs from their entire history not just the 1975-87 when Buckingham was one of three main writers in the group.

“We were never able to do that since 1975 because certain people in the band weren’t interested in doing that,” she told Rolling Stone. “Now we’re able to open the set with a lot -- a raucous version of [1969’s] ‘Rattlesnake Shake’ or something. I’d also like to do [1970’s] ‘Station Man,’ which has always been one of may favorites. We’re definitely doing [1970’s] ‘Oh Well.’”

Setlist.fm states they haven't played 'Station Man,' since April 23, 1977. 'Rattlesnake Shake,' from 1969's Then Play On, was regularly performed on the Tango in the Night tour in 1987, which didn't feature Buckingham.

'Oh Well,' also from Then Play On, was played regularly on their 2009 Unleashed tour, and Mike Campbell, who will be playing guitar with Fleetwood Mac, performed it more than 100 times as a member of Tom Petty's Heartbreakers.

Fleetwood Mac's tour begins in October this year.

Nicks admitted that it will be fascinating to see how their more obscure songs fits into their tried-and-true material. “There are 10 hits we have to do,” she noted. “That leaves another 13 songs if you want to do a three-hour show. Then you crochet them all together and you make a great sequence, and you have something that nobody has seen before except all the things they want to see are there. At rehearsal, we’re going to put up a board of 60 songs. Then we start with number one and we go through and we play everything. Slowly you start taking songs off and you start to see your set come together.”

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock