Ex-Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler talks about touring with his mum

music news 24/05/2018

Ever since their 1987 anthem 'Sweet Child Of Mine', Guns N' Roses have become one of biggest rock acts of all time, selling over 100 million records.

Drummer and co-writer Steven Adler was at the centre of the band until heroin addiction saw him fired in the early 1990s.

But the beat goes on for Adler, who's now sober and touring with his band Adler's Appetite as part of a show with his mother, Deanna Adler.

The unique two-part show features a Q&A with Adler and his mum followed by a performance of Guns N' Roses' debut record Appetite for Destruction.

Adler and his mother are open about how his drug use affected their relationship, and he says it's good to be on tour together now everything is out in the open.

"It's wonderful. Being sober and having her put her book out... I put my book out a few years back," he said

"[We've got] it all out of our systems, you know - talking about it and getting rid of that resentment... we can finally have a relationship."

Ms Adler says it was heartbreaking to see her son brought down by drugs and feeling utterly helpless.

"[It] was very hard to see my son hurt like that and have a disease like that, because I've never drank or smoked or done drugs - I'm just a normal person.

"But to see your son in such pain like that and knowing that you can't do anything - I thought I could do something to help him, but in reality you can't."