Watch: Neil Finn and his son talks about joining Fleetwood Mac

music news 07/06/2018

After the big announcement of Linsey Buckingham's dismissal of the band, Fleetwood Mac called up our very own Neil Finn to replace Linsey on their tour.

In the interview with ABC News, it appears that Neil Finn and Mick Fleetwood go back a long way. Neil mentioned that he ran into Mick many, years ago and they got along really well. Many years later, the two met again at the New Zealand Music Awards (NZMA).

I just got asked to join Fleetwood Mac

During their Out of Silence tour in New Zealand, Liam Finn said he turned up to sound check one day, when his dad calmly said, "I just got asked to join Fleetwood Mac".

At first, Neil was not inclined to join Fleetwood Mac as it meant that the father and son had to rework their plans for their Lightsleeper tour. His son, however, was very supportive and encouraged him to "go over to Hawaii and have a jam" as he believed it was an overwhelming prospect.

When asked about Fleetwood Mac's complex interpersonal relationships, Neil jokingly said, "I'm just going to have to become a bit of a, you know, prat". 

"It's better than saying you're just going to have to sleep with all of them," Liam adds.