CCR releases "Fortunate Son" music video for the first time ever

video 29/06/2018

To kick off their 50th anniversary celebration, Creedence Clearwater Revival has published a music video for Fortunate Son

The classic anti-Vietnam War anthem was written by John Fogerty, about his time in the US Army Reserve while former presidents' Nixon and Eisenhower had their children exempted from the war in Vietnam. "It made me so angry that the rich old men make the war, and the poor young men have to fight it," Fogerty reiterates to Pitchfork back in 2007.

"Beyond its anti-war sentiment, Fortunate Son is an anthem for the 99%ers, condensing a critique of elitism and class privilege into three simple, but powerfully defiant words: It Ain't Me," Craft Recordings explained.

Directed by Ben Fee, the music video celebrates working-class people in America. He wants to portray the positive atmosphere of the community. Through the video, he was also able to show the world how a real American road trip feels like.

For me, protest right now is just showing pure positivity in the face of division and anger.

"I went to the Taos Pueblo people, into their land, and met with the war chief, and they were very big fans of CCR. They were so welcoming because they knew the song and the band, and they really loved the idea of protest through positivity," he said.

Craft Recordings posted via their Instagram, promising fans that there will be more surprises to come. We'll be sure to keep you updated.