UPDATED: Could Paul McCartney be surprising us with a new album on his birthday?

music news 19/06/2018

Happy Birthday, Sir Paul McCartney!

The legend has been teasing us all year about his upcoming new album. These hints are becoming more frequent in the last week.

McCartney has confirmed that he will be a guest star on The Late Late Show with James Corden as fans spotted the two in a car in Liverpool, indicating it could be part of the filming for the pop segment "Carpool Karaoke".

Remember when he recently played his new song "Come Home to You" in Liverpool last week? Unfortunately, the video has now been taken down due to copyrights.

In the last 13 hours, McCartney tweeted two photos (see below) with no caption. It's got to be his new album cover or snippets of the album's new look.

As it is his 76th birthday this year, maybe, just maybe he will be releasing the said album between now and tomorrow!

Stay updated with us on The Sound and we'll let you know the minute we hear something.

UPDATE: Paul McCartney has just published this short clip of what could be the potential new album title - Egypt Station.

We believe the album release date is not far now!