George Harrison first time hearing about Jimmy Page's new band - Led Zeppelin


Listen to a sound clip from when an unidentied person first introduced George Harrison to Led Zeppelin during one of The Beatles' Let It Be sessions around 1969-70. Some speculations say the unidentified person could be Glyn Johns.

Audio transcript:

"George, do you want to hear some of this Jimmy Page album?"

George Harrison (GH): Jimmy Page? 

"He just produced a new album with his new group."

GH: Is he the one that was in The Yardbirds? 


GH: I think uh.. Is lunch ready?

"It's really unbelievable. 

GH: Yeah, let me...


GH: Very  psychedelic though.

"Don't you like it?"

GH: Not that I mind psychedelic.

"And it's such a good group, it's so tight. John Paul Jones on bass."

GH: John Paul...?

"Jones. On bass. Don't you know any of them?

GH: No.

"Have you ever used them on sessions?"

GH: No.

"He's like the guv'nor. He's very young, he's about 24. The guv'nor bass player. Really good. And a kid called John Bonham on drums who is unbelievable."

"I think he was in a session with Paul [McCartney] last year with some of the other people there."