GN'R demands a porcelain toilet for their backstage rider at Download Festival

music news 13/06/2018

In recent news, The Mirror has reported Guns N' Roses' requesting for a few mind-boggling demands at Download Festival, one which includes a porcelain toilet.

The article reports that the band members arrived at the festival by helicopter and led straight to a compound the size of a football field which was inaccessible to all except the tour group. 

What an entrance for a three-hour set.

On top of their grand mode of transportation, the article revealed that several home comforts from America were flown over, including Hershey bars and pizza with extra cheese. I suppose Leicestershire were all out on Hershey chocs and not a single pizza joint was willing to add extra cheese for poor GN'R.

Typical concert goers like us usually have to submit to the claustrophobic, sewage-smelling portaloos. Not for Guns n' Roses though as they have demanded porcelain toilets for their rider at Download Festival. As if three-ply toilet rolls weren't enough, the band also asked for extra silky toilet paper.

According to one of their sources, Download Festival's organisers found Guns n' Roses' demands appaling. As the iconic band was headlining their festival, they made sure GN'R has got everything exactly how they wanted.