Jason Bonham believes the Greta Van Fleet hype might backfire on them

music news 19/06/2018

If you haven't heard of Greta Van Fleet, it is because we at The Sound have not talked about them at all. Have a listen to their song Highway Tune from their latest album Black Smoke Rising.

Straight off from the start of the song, you would most probably assume the youngling vocalist, Josh Kiszka for Robert Plant.

After the first verse or so, you'll soon realise they're not heavy rock like Led Zeppelin's style. Nope, nowhere close to the legendary band. 

Of recent months, they have been soaring up the reputation ranks for being almost like a 21st century new-Led Zeppelin. 

Just recently, Led Zeppelin drummer's son, Jason Bonham has expressed to Q103 that he worries the massive hype of Greta Van Fleet could come crashing down just as fast and much harder.

I'd be annoyed if I was Robert.

He believes that the young vocalist was incomparable to Robert Plant back in his younger days.

"Just because he sings high and he does that hand-on-the-hip thing, I just worry the hype that the band are getting, it will ruin them."

"I wish them all the best. People should just love them for what they are and not try and keep comparing them to Led Zeppelin because it will kill them in the end. It will sometimes hurt them."

Speaking from his own experience, he says it took a hell of a lot for him since he plays the drums and his father happens to be one of the greatest drummers. 

You can watch the full audio interview below, he talks about Greta Van Fleet around 10-minute mark.

Labelled "Led Zeppelin One" by Robert Plant, he called them out for not admitting Led Zeppelin as their influence on their music, sarcastically saying, "...he borrowed it from somebody I know very well".

To make things slightly worse, the youngling said during an interview that he "didn't know who f*****g Led Zeppelin was" until he was in high school.

Well... The 22-year-old wasn't even born in the Zeppelin era nor did he had much influence of classic rock when growing up. We're not surprised if Led Zeppelin wasn't on his Spotify playlist.

His story is that he was struggling to sing over the band and he went with a Plant-like shriek which his band thought was "badass", asking him to keep doing it.

Just like those Tui ad billboards... Yeah, right.