Listen to Iggy Pop & Underworld's new song from their upcoming joint EP

new music 25/06/2018

Dive into a different world with this tune featuring the 'Godfather of Punk', Iggy Pop and experimental electronic music group, Underworld.

Titled Teatime Dub Encounters, the four-song EP will officially release on July 27. Unlike the punk version of Iggy Pop we're all used to, you'll find the song to be ambient and serene, with Iggy Pop narrating about his friendships and how he became who he is today.

Although it sounds vague, it appears that he is telling us the story of his career from The Stooges to his solo career. According to other sources, Rick Smith of Underworld was supervising Trainspotting sequel's soundtrack when he asked Iggy to collaborate.

Previously, Underworld premiered the upbeat Bells & Circles from "Teatime Dub Encounters" at BCC Biggest Weekend Belfast. The song features Iggy talking about hitting on a flight attendant while being high on drugs. Listen below: