Listen to this dramatic orchestral version Rolling Stones' Paint it Black from Westworld's Soundtrack

Music 16/06/2018

If you prefer to avoid spoilers, listen to the track on their official soundtrack below.

The Rolling Stones' iconic "Paint it Black" has had more than 30 covers since it's release in 1966. The song was also featured in various films and television shows like Westworld.

If you haven't already heard about Westworld, it is a sci-fi tv series based on a 1973 thriller of the same name which takes place in a fictional Wild-West amusement park populated by robots. The park serves as a limitless world where high-paying "guests" can be anyone they want, doing anything they can as they cannot die in this amusement park.

Although some have criticised the composer for picking 'a random cool song' for the scene, we think otherwise. In fact, the soundtrack throughout the television series featured a number of iconic rock songs, including "House of The Rising Sun" by The Animals and The Cure's "A Forest".

As the series was tied to the 70s Westworld movie, it seems very fitting to feature The Rolling Stones in a bandit heist scene. The band reached their highest peak during the late 60s with "Paint it Black" reaching number 1 in UK and US charts in May 1966, just a few years before Westworld was released.

To be very blunt here, the song happens to be about death (according to Mick Jagger) and the scene was filled plenty of people shooting each other to death. 

Arranged by Ramin Djawadi, an Iranian-German composer, the ochestral version is chilling and haunting, tugging at your heartstrings while you watch the dark and chaotic scene of a group of bandits rolling into town, shooting everyone on sight while trying to steal a safe from a brothel. It is definitely a masterpiece you have to listen to.