Millennials are reworking Classic Rock in a new Twitter trend

music news 27/06/2018

We all know the millennial stereotype - Sensitive, self-entitled, lazy and probably the biggest complainers after the iGens. Recently, they've come up with a new game on Twitter with the hashtag #MillenialClassicRock.

Since they're millennials, the game can't get any more basic than this - you remove part of a classic rock song/band/album name and replace it with your millennial problem.

They've got it all covered from Queen, Guns n' Roses to Pink Floyd and The Doors. Check out some of their funny tweets below. Keep in mind that this is just a cheeky game with no intentional offenses.

If you're unsure what Tinder is, it's a mobile app where millennials look through a series of online dating profiles. They'd swipe left to reject, and swipe right to express their love interest.

The vaporiser (vape for short) hype hit the millennials like a truck when they figured out they could breath like dragons "without any serious health consequences".

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