Phil Collen announces Def Leppard is working on new music

music news 26/06/2018

Phil Collen from Def Leppard has told WRIF that they have already started working on new music while on tour with Journey.

In the interview, Phil describes being on tour with Journey right now brings back great memories and he loves every minute of it.

We've got three [songs] on the go already," said Phil during the interview.

When asked about the songwriting process, Phil explained that he would come up with rough drafts of the song when they were in South America last year which he had just finished yesterday. He describes the process is never the same each time. "It can be a vocal, lyric, melody or a guitar or a drum pattern - it can be anything that kind of spurs you off, and that's what's exciting about songwriting."

"I like that thing where you have a muse and it kind of inspires you and you just follow the inspiration. It's just a lovely way to do it."

Phil takes on inspiration from everything ranging from movies, books to people he has met and etc. 

"Things like that would definitely get some inspiration flowing. So it's always something different, and I think that's the beauty of it - your receptors are open, and all this other stuff comes in at different times. It's really cool."

Phil hints that a brand new record may be released early next year.

Def Leppard will be in NZ this Nov 2018 with special guests, Scorpions