Relive the night Jimi Hendrix covers 'Sgt Peppers' in front of Paul McCartney and George Harrison

live 13/06/2018

On 28th May 1967, only three days after The Beatles released Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album, legend guitarist Jimi Hendrix covered their hit single at Saville Theatre with Beatles members Paul McCartney and George Harrison.

It was a jaw-dropping moment for both the audience and McCartney and Harrison as no one in history have done what Hendrix has.

On top of covering the song, he added his Hendrix flair to it, bringing it to a whole new level of hard rock with a blues accent. 

No one knows whether Hendrix knew beforehand that two of The Beatles members were present. Many sources believe he genuinely did not know. However, the biography movie Jimi: All is by My Side, says otherwise.

With a brilliant performance like that, it's no wonder why The Beatles never performed 'Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' live, except the one time McCartney, Harrison and Starr plus Eric Clapton performed it at Clapton's wedding party in 1979. However, McCartney has started playing slightly different versions of song on his later solo tours.

It's still obviously a shining memory for me.

McCartney often reminisces about that night. He always admired Hendrix for his accomplishments. Watch the video below where he performed Foxey Lady as a tribute and spoke about Hendrix.

"I was very proud to have meet Jimi."