Robert Plant releases new animated music video of "New World"

music video 27/06/2018

Robert Plant sparked debates among fans with his new animated music video for "New World" from his Carry Fire album (see above). 

On Facebook, Plant describes the song as "a comment on a recent history of conquest and submission". 

Accompanied by the Americana vibe of the song, the lyric animation features native Americans in a distinct sepia pop art look with intense red and gold hues inspired by Aaron Huey's photography and created by artists Shepard Fairey and Ernesto Yerena, who are both "artists of great conscience and sensitivity", according to Plant.

"It's not so long ago that today's plots and wrangles between nation governments would seem too far-fetched to inspire a Hollywood blockbuster. The perversions and struggles leave a shadow over the spirit of the people and the land. It's not an original sin. Every era bears the burden of chaos and warmongering. Time immemorial."

His Facebook post had a long chain of comments; some include a woman applauding Plant for "shining it all around", as she wishes she could move to another country as she is ashamed of her current (USA).

Some posed questions as to how can they change since they were born into this mess and have tried their hardest to be a better person every day.