Shy 13-year-old sings like Otis Redding on her amazing cover of "Hard to Handle"

music news 14/06/2018

We live in an era saturated with so much trashy music, some sounding like irritable noise, and others with auto-tune for tone-deaf singers.

13 year-old Courtney Hadwin proved us all wrong when she chose to sing Otis Redding's "Hard to Handle". It was definitely hard for the judges to handle the new found talent on America's Got Talent.

Courtney came on stage full of nerves, not even being able to tell the judges what music she liked. Maybe she was being humble, but boy, her performance tells a whole other story behind the shy and awkward 13 year-old.

Starting with an awkward dance to the opening notes of "Hard to Handle", Courtney combined Redding's hoarse, gritty vocals with The Black Crowe's southern blues rock vibes for her brilliant performance. 

Trust us when we say we have watched this at least several times now and boy, she reminds us of Janis Joplin.

One of the judges, Howie Mandel said, 

You are not from this era, you're from a whole different era!

He went on to tell the story of the discovery of Janis Joplin, noting that since he wasn't able to sign her to a record deal, the only thing he was able to do for the prodigy singer was to hit the golden buzzer, immediately advancing her to the live rounds.

Watch her sing like no one else in her generation in the video above.