Watch John Fogerty's talking about his life after CCR in a 1985 interview

music news 15/06/2018

A rare 30-minute footage of John Fogerty's interview on Countdown in 1985 has recently surfaced on YouTube. 

Interviewed by Adam Curry just before his time in MTV, Fogerty was asked if it was true that he gave up on music business.

Fogerty responds,

I had to draw away from the limelight at that point because of various legal and kind of financial and involvement that came along with the success of Creedence.

"But I really had to go back and working on my music privately. I was in a situation where I was sort of forced to do it that way. So I accepted the challenge and climbing up the mountain from the bottom," Fogerty continued.

Halfway through the interview, Curry asked Fogerty why he did not play any psychedelic or underground music at the time he was working in San Francisco during the flower power era.

Fogerty replied saying that he never really liked that kind of music as it seemed very transient. He had more interest in rhythm and blues musicians such as Otis Redding, Booker T. & the M.G's and James Brown

"Psychedelic was always sort of this watered-down middle class skinny little white boys trying to sound heavy and be laid back. And I just couldn't identify with it. Most of the time, they just put me to sleep!"

You can watch the full length video above.

Video credit goes to Reelin' In The Years Productions