Watch Robert Plant's humourous interview at The House of Strombo

music news 22/06/2018

Robert Plant was recently in an interview with The Strombo Show talking about his tough journey going forward after realising that the Led Zeppelin era was over. In all seriousness, It's a top-notch interview with Robert Plant-ing subtle dry jokes on occasion.

Plant said that it was when he was playing for a gig at the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights in Paris when he realised he needed to change. "I saw the guitarist in Radiohead... When it was time for his solo, he just knelt down and started messing with his pedals," he reminisced.

That's a lot different from what the world I have been in, of expressive gestures. I realised it was time to change.

That was when he started writing Dreamland. He carried on to talk about his latest album, Carry Fire and describe his journey into this 'new world' and reminisce what the music world was like during his prime with so many diverse musical talents around him.

Watch the full interview above.