We found a blacklist of famous bands including Pink Floyd and AC/DC on Soviet Radio in 1985

music news 28/06/2018

A photo of what appears to be a list of banned music has been circulating the internet for a while now. Putin definitely wouldn't want us to be prying into this. 

In 1985, most of you would remember that the Cold War was at its peak. According to Spin, the Youth Wing of Soviet's Communist Party, Komsomol, has put together this controversial blacklist of bands to keep the public in check.

The list includes Alice Cooper, Scorpion, Pink Floyd, Sex Pistols and many more.

Apparently, Pink Floyd's music interferes with the USSR's foreign policy. Hmm, could it be something to do with The Final Cut album? It couldn't be any more obvious, especially with tracks like The Gunner's Dream, which is all about an ideal post-war world free from terrorism and tyranny. The Fletcher Memorial Home probably terrified half of the Soviet government because the core theme was the frustration with world leadership after World War II. They wouldn't want Pink Floyd doing a concert in Russia, singing about what an 'overgrown infant' Leonid Brezhnev is.

We bet Komsomol was worried about everything on the said album and went, "NYET (no)! NYET! NYET!" when coming up with this ridiculous list.

Talking Heads also made their way to the list. They were deemed spreading 'myths' of Soviet military danger. Maybe they worry "Psycho Killer" would resonate well with the public.

You'll never guess what the reason was to ban AC/DC and 10cc... They were allegedly spreading neo-fascism through their music. We don't even want to go there. 

You can view the full list below in English or the original memo in Russian.

Source: Spin and Boing Boing