GNR's "November Rain" sets a new YouTube record

music news 17/07/2018

As reported by Forbes magazine, Guns N' Roses are officially the biggest 90s musical act on YouTube as they've reached one billion views on their 1991 music video for "November Rain", the first pre-YouTube-era-made video to do so.

Thanks to their video of "Sweet Child O' Mine" that is nearing 700 million, GNR is also the biggest '80s band on YouTube.

Forbes added that the video had an average of 560,000 daily views last year, proving the "growing popularity of catalogue songs as an income generator".

Statistics also show that Guns N' Roses' total views are 83% outside of U.S., majorly led by Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. 

GNR first released the official version of "November Rain" on 15th December 2009 on their YouTube account. The 9-minute-song is the longest song to reach top 10 on the top 100 Billboard chart.

The band's popularity shot up sky high when guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan reunite with Axl Rose in 2016 since their last show together in the early '90s.

They are currently on their Not in This Lifetime tour.

Source: Forbes