David Bowie's first recording discovered and is now up for auction

music news 24/07/2018

A 1963 demo recording of David Bowie and his first band, the Konrads has been discovered by the band's drummer. The recording is expected to sell for a high price at an upcoming auction.

The drummer, David Hadfield, found the demo recording "I Never Dreamed", in his garage when he was in the midst of moving houses in the '90s. Found in a bread basket, Hadfield kept the recording a secret until now.

The demo is expected to fetch for a rough $13,000 at the auction. Listen to the snippet of "I Never Dreamed" below.

The song featured a 16-year-old David Bowie who played the saxophone at the time who had no inclination of being a vocalist at that point, according to Hadfield. 

His heart and mind were focused on becoming a world-class saxophone player.

At the time, Konrads' manager Eric Easton, who also managed the Rolling Stones, requested them to record a demo so he could get the band an audition with Stones' record label, Decca.

However, the audition was rejected by Decca and nobody thought the demo tape would have survived all these years.

The demo tape is part of a Bowie memorabilia collection set to be auctioned off in September at Omega Auctions in U.K.

Source: UCR