Deep Purple's Ian Gillan says "it's too late for a Blackmore reunion"


Ian Gillan said that it is now "too late" for guitarist Ritchie Blackmore to rejoin Deep Purple onstage. 

Everyone knows the history. Purple was on the downslope when Ritchie left, and with Steve Morse, we got back on the upslope again.

In a recent interview, Gillan responds to Radio Rock's Blackmore reunion question saying, "it would be, in the greatest scheme of things, impossible to do that. And I think it's going to be increasingly difficult as the years go by, because no one has much interest in that sort of thing. … We have no great passion or dislike for Ritchie."

He clarified that their both offices are communicating ideas with one another and ensures that there are no nasty feelings left behind.

He also tells Radio Rock that Deep Purple may still have several years left before ending their career. He explained that they named their current tour "The Long Goodbye" because it gives hope that there could be new music and concerts in the future instead of a retirement date.

“The other thing is it would just open the damn gates and all this whole damn thing would start all over again just when we put it to bed. … Let's just let it rest. Let's just wish Ritchie well, and do what he does, and we'll do what we do. Things are going along very nicely now. … We're so close to the end now – within a year or two, three, four. Who knows? But it's close. … We're happy now. It stopped raining. The sun's shining. Let's enjoy it.”

Deep Purple will be on "The Long Goodbye" tour in North America with Judas Priest from August.