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Ex-Guns n' Roses guitarist DJ Ashba arrested for DUI

music news 31/07/2018

Former Guns N' Roses guitarist, DJ Ashba has been recently arrested on DUI charges in his hometown, Fairbury, Illinois.

TMZ reports that Ashba was pulled over last Friday, 27th July, after failing to stop at a stop sign. He was given a sobriety test when he started "showing signs of impairment" and subsequently taken into custody.

Ashba, who is also in Nikki Sixx side project Sixx: A.M., made no public comments about the arrest. Prior to the arrest, Ashba played the national anthem at the Prairie Dirt Classic, held at the local speedway and shown on pay-per-view. He thanked everyone for having him at the event on Twitter.

Ashba quit GN'R in July 2015 to focus on Sixx: A.M. to release two albums in 2016 and touring with them. Earlier this year, Ashba revealed that they were on an indefinite hiatus to take a break from the extensive touring.

"We all felt like, 'You know what? Let's take a good break here and it gave everybody time to kind of go do their things, the separate things that we wanted to do," said Ashba.

Ashba and Sixx: A.M. singer James Michael have since started a new project called Pyromantic.

Source: UCR