Journey guitarist Neal Schon wants to work with Steve Perry again

music news 04/07/2018

Over the years, Neal Schon has repeatedly said that the door was open for Steve Perry if he wishes to rejoin Journey. Although Perry has rebuffed him each time, Schon still hopes Perry would change his mind.

On a new episode of Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon, Schon said although he hasn't heard him sing in years, he still believes Perry is irreplaceable.

I'm dying for him to put out his own record.

"And I'd love to correlate with him on something that's different than Journey. Something more R&B, because I love playing soul and R&B and blues and that's something that a lot of people don't really know, because I've been doing all these rock records.

Schon also revealed that he has attempted to get his other former singer, John Waite, Bad English's frontman, to sing at Schon's Journey Through Time benefit concert in San Francisco in February. Unfortunately, it fell through when Waite took on another offer for the same night. However, Schon has ideas of another album with Waite.

With Waite, Schon is more interested in creating a good old rocking blues record with him, more so than another Bad English record.

"I think the force that's there is John and I get each other. I think Bad English was Bad English; that was then, this is now. We had some great songs [but] my favourite stuff was not the stuff that went big for the band. ... I always liked the other material that's not necessarily a hit. I liked 'Rockin' Horse' and I liked the tougher side of that band."

Source: UCR