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Kiss' Vinnie Vincent announces his first show in 30 years

music news 31/07/2018

Ex-Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent has revealed that he will be making his first concert appearance in 30 years.

Vincent will play an acoustic set featuring music from his time in Kiss and the Vinnie Vincent Invasion on 7th December in Guest House at Graceland hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. Former Vinnie Vincent Invasion and Journey vocalist Robert Fleischman will be a guest star on the show.

I know a lot of people would want the whole electric version

Vinnie explained that he was not as fast of a guitarist as he used to be and if he goes down that route, he is bound to be criticised. He continued, "To expect me to just go up there and wail, I just don’t see myself doing that. I could do some songs but [others] I probably couldn’t do because I’m an old guy now.”

Tickets are on sale now, including a meet & greet package costing at around $200+.

Vincent's last show was in 1988 where he performed as Vinnie Vincent Invasion.