LISTEN: Beatles' early "Norwegian Wood" recording is even better than the one from "Rubber Soul"

Music 16/08/2018

We have all heard "Norwegian Wood" a hundred times now from the album Rubber Soul. We think that this rare early recording is even better than the original track on the album.

The Beatles first recorded "Norwegian Wood" in early October 1965, on the first day of their recording sessions for Rubber Soul. Initially titled "This Bird Has Flown", the song was extensively rehearsed who then recorded the rhythm track in a single take.

Listen to the early recording above which features two twelve-string acoustic guitars, bass, subtle cymbals sounds and Harrison's sitar playing is much more prominent here. 

The song was designed to be a comedy number as it was less folk-orientated sounding compared to the rest of the album. Unsatisfied with the song, they decided to re-record it for the album.

This early recording first appeared on Anthology 2, a 1996 compilation album.