Credits: Susan Wood

LISTEN: Paolo Nutini's soulful cover of "Don't Let Me Down" by The Beatles

cover 04/08/2018

Listen to the soul rock singer Paolo Nutini cover the famous love song, "Don't Let Me Down" by The Beatles

Here are 3 facts about "Don't Let Me Down" that you may not know:

  • This is the first song John Lennon wrote to dedicate his lover, Yoko Ono, whom he married in March 1969.
  • Lennon asked Ringo to crash his cymbals loudly so that he could muster the courage "to come in screaming" when he sang the chorus.
  • The Beatles met Billy Preston while he was on tour with Little Richard in 1962, which led Preston to play the keyboard for this song. It was said that George Harrison brought him in to smooth tensions in the studio.