Phil Collen explains his absence on Def Leppard tour

music news 10/07/2018

Def Leppard's guitarist, Phil Collen has opened up about why he was absent from a few early concerts on their co-headlining tour with Journey.

Collen explains that his wife, Helen was facing complications while giving birth to their son, Jackson.

He told Mitch Lafon that his wife was resuscitated back to life when giving birth. "I was actually on tour when this happened. I obviously had to go to California [to be with her]."

Def Leppard was well prepared for this. Instead of shutting down their tour, they brought in Trixter's guitarist, Steve Brown to stand in for Collen. Steve Brown has previously filled in for Vivian Campbell, the band's other guitarist when she was receiving treatment for Hodgkins lymphoma 4 years ago.

The band supported Collen, assuring that everything will be fine and he left to tend to his wife.

“When your friends or your family need help, you do what you need to do to make it happen,” Brown tells Lafon. When he got the call to step in, he immediately packed his bags and was up in Albany in New York within four hours.

Brown stepped in for Collen for three shows from May 23 till May 30.

Def Leppard will be coming to NZ to perform in November. For all the show details see here.