WATCH: Behind the scenes of Yellow Submarine

video 03/07/2018

As it's eight days away from Yellow Submarine to return to UK and Ireland cinemas, The Beatles have released two documentary videos.

The first video talks about the design of the film.

"I liked the way they varied the animation styles using the live action underneath the horses and things in "Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds" for instance, and then painting over them," said Paul McCartney.

The short video also talks about how The Beatles have often contributed ideas to the team, especially the dreaded vacuum cleaner monster. It was apparently John Lennon's idea.

"The thing that sucks people up is my idea. They said, have you got any monsters? I said, yeah I've got this Horace the vacuum cleaner in the swimming pool. He went around the pool sucking up the thing. I said, oh that could be a monster."

Watch the first video below.

The second video talks about the voice acting and script of the Yellow Submarine.

"The most important thing about The Beatles is their music. So who would be the natural enemies? The people who hate their music" said Heinz Edelmann, the film's art director.