Credits: Mark and Colleen Hayward

Watch this hilarious interview of Queen's Roger Taylor and John Deacon on Korean TV

funny 26/07/2018

Today, Queen drummer Roger Taylor turns 69. The multi-instrumentalist is best known for his unique sound and was voted as the 8th greatest drummer in classic rock music history by Planet Rock in 2005.

If you've seen Taylor in interviews, you'd know he's one funny bloke, often throwing jabs at bandmates that make us laugh harder than ever. 

Watch him and his bandmate, John Deacon appear in an interview on Korean television for the first time in the late '60s in the video below.

It was both Taylor and Deacon's very first time to Korea. Watch them as they became extremely confused and overwhelmed by the culture shock when the interviewers were often repeating the words "Ne" which means "Yes" in Korean.  The video subsequently became known as the "Neh Neh Interview".

Have a great laugh!