AC/DC may be recording a new album with Axl Rose and Phil Rudd

music news 08/08/2018

The Georgia Straight's Steve Newton has heard from one of his rock n' roll sources that members of AC/DC were spotted in downtown Vancouver.

Newton claims that his anonymous source spoke to Malcolm Young's nephew, Stevie Young and drummer Phil Rudd. He also added that his source spoke to GNR's frontman Axl Rose, who took over lead-vocals from Brian Johnson on their last LP, "Rock or Bust" tour when Johnson was suffering from hearing issues.

Stevie took over the guitarist role in 2014 after Malcolm's mental health was deteriorating to the point where he was unable to continue playing. Malcolm also passed away last year. Rudd had legal issues which kept him from touring with the band last year. He was replaced by Chris Slade.

As there aren't any photograph or video evidence, nor has the details of the conversation were revealed, many are calling the rumours to be fake. However, Newton is strongly standing by his tipper.

He has "complete faith" in his source and said, "Why the hell would he contact me out of the blue and lie about it?" He noted that it could be a coincidence that both Rudd and Young were in Vancouver, but there could also be a real possibility that they're there for recording sessions at the same studio, Gastown's Warehouse Studio, where they recorded their last three albums.

Lead singer of Vancouver band Hexripper also tweeted that he saw Phil Rudd and his drum tech Dick Jones walking into Warehouse Studio, but neither were interested in conversing with him. You can see his series of tweets below.