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Aerosmith's first tour van found abandoned by "American Pickers"

music news 09/08/2018

American Pickers hosts, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz have found Aerosmith's very first tour van, featured on one of their recent episode titled "Roll Like a Rock Star".

The 1964 International Harvester Metro was abandoned for decades in a woodland near Chesterfield, Massachusetts. The rusted van still features the band name and a vibrant coloured cartoon man painted on its side. 

Wolfe calls the van "a piece of American rock n' roll history."

The van was apparently have been sitting there for over 40 years before the current property owner took possession of the land. There were rumours that the previous owner had connections with Aerosmith. 

Wolfe contacted his musician friend, Dan Auerbach, guitarist and lead vocalist of the Black Keys, to prove the van was authentic. Auerbach showed the photos of the van to Joe Perry, Aerosmith guitarist who then contacted Ray Tabano, co-founder of Aerosmith who happened to be nearby Stockbridge at the time. Tabana confirmed that Wolfe and Fritz have indeed found what Tabano described as the "rolling hotel" that transported the band between local shows. Tabano also showed a photo of himself sitting inside the van.

“I’m afraid to say how long it is, but it’s been like 40 years since we’ve been in this thing,” Tabano reminisced. He said the van reminded him of "humble beginnings".

I look at where [Aerosmith has] gone today - it's just amazing.

The property owner says he is willing to part with the abandoned vehicle for a price which American Pickers have paid him a whopping $37,000 NZD for.