Photo credits to Frank Hoensch

Alan Parsons reveals his first album in 15 years

new music 31/08/2018

Alan Parsons has recently confirmed his first studio album in fifteen years with a working title "The Secret" which will be released sometime in early 2019.

Parsons told Prog "The Secret" is a working title for the new album, which will feature musical and lyrical themes that hold very dear to Parsons. The only info he's ready to reveal is that "everything that surrounds The Secret is going to be just that … a secret!"

It is also said that the album will be in the lines of symphonic rock where Parsons explores his earlier solo work as well as the Alan Parsons Project albums. Parsons also added that there will be collaborations with many guest musicians.

Parsons' last studio album "A Valid Path" was released in 2004 and featured ex-Pink Floyd's David Gilmour.