LISTEN: The Doors releases rough mix of "Hello, I Love You"

Music 01/08/2018

Excited for the reissue of Waiting for the Sun box set? Recently, Rhino Records shared a rough mix of The Doors' number one hit song "Hello, I Love You" on Soundcloud.

Rhino Records will be reissuing the record this Friday which happens to be the 50th anniversary of when "Hello, I Love You" peaked at number one on the charts. It will feature mono mixes of the song and "Love Street" as its B-side which was exclusive to radio stations at the time.

The rough mix will also be included in the upcoming Waiting for The Sun collection which is due for release on 14th September. See all the details to the box set here.

“What a great opener, ‘Hello, I love you, tell me your name,'” says The Doors‘ drummer John Densmore. “Like, whoa, OK. That’s aggressive. You’re in love with me but you don’t know my credentials?”

“He [Morrison] was sort of ‘Southern shy,'” the drummer says. “Well, if he got loaded, he got a little more open – a little too open sometimes." He continued to say, "It’s about an African-American girl he saw on the boardwalk in Venice. 'Do you hope to make her see you, fool?/Do you hope to pluck this dusky jewel?'... Who puts words like that to rock & roll? Only Jim.”

Listen to the early rendition of "Hello, I Love You" below.