Lost Mick Jagger and Carly Simon duet uncovered 45 years later

music news 27/08/2018

A duet between Rolling Stones legend Mick Jagger and 'You're So Vain' songstress Carly Simon that was previously thought to be lost has been recovered more than 45 years after it was recorded.

The 1972 track, named 'Fragile' has reportedly never been heard in public before. 

Rolling Stones collector Matt Lee discovered the track on a tape he owns - he says he's unsure where it came from, but sent a digital copy to Rolling Stone because they had promised to send it on to Carly Simon. He isn't doing it for the money though, "I’m a collector. My motive for sending it to Rolling Stone was to pass it to Carly" he said. 

The track is said to be a slow ballad between Jagger and Simon, with Jagger contributing most of the singing, and Simon adding harmonies.

In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2016, Simon said: "We had this little back and forth at the piano for about an hour." She also said the recording had been lost for decades, and sang a line from the song, which went: "Funny, funny, funny, funny, funny / How love can make you cry."

The recording Lee found appears to match those lyrics, apart from the word 'cry' being sang as 'change' on the track. 

No word yet on whether we will be able to hear the track - we'll keep an ear out.