Mark David Chapman could have murdered John Lennon two months earlier

music news 06/08/2018

It has been revealed that the infamous murderer, Mark David Chapman had intended to kill John Lennon months before the tragic night on 8th Dec 1980.

Reported by Mirror, in an interview with Alliance, Gloria Hiroko Chapman said she knew of his dark intentions months prior to the incident.

"Two months earlier, Mark had travelled to New York. He came home scared, telling me that to make a name for himself, he had planned to kill Lennon," she says.

But he said my love had saved him.

Chapman told his wife that he needed to mature as an adult and husband, and "needed time to think about his life". He convinced her that he threw the gun into the ocean, which she believed. Gloria knew Chapman was planning to return to New York but he lied to her and his plans to murder Lennon was for real this time. He told her that she needed to sacrifice being alone for a short while so that they could have a long and happy marriage down the road.

But on that fateful night, Gloria was stunned when reports of Lennon's death flashed across the screen while she was watching Little House on the Prairie.

That night was one of the darkest nights of Gloria's life. She recalls, "I remember it was a Monday. I had come home from work, fixed dinner, and was watching Little House on the Prairie. On the show, Mary had just found out she’d become blind when suddenly, words ran across the bottom of the screen: ‘John Lennon has been shot in New York City by a male Caucasian.’ My life changed dramatically that night. I was now Mrs. Mark David Chapman, the wife of a murderer and not just any murderer but one whose victim was known and loved by millions around the world.”

After her husband was arrested, Chapman and her friends urged her to divorce him. But Gloria was devoted to her religion and refused to divorce Chapman, citing the vows they exchanged when they got married.

Gloria reminisced that they fell in love when they met in Hawaii. They would talk about anything and everything, including his ongoing mental illness at the time. He had come to Hawaii with intentions to kill himself but ended up at a local hospital's psychiatric ward.

"He explained that he had gotten well enough to get a job at the hospital as a housekeeper. It seemed to me his mental illness was behind him,” Gloria says. But soon, he started to change after losing his new job after having a run-in with a nursing supervisor. Gloria faced verbal and physical abuse from him but she stayed devoted to her husband.

Against Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono's wishes, Gloria prays for Chapman's release with his next parole hearing is scheduled for the week of 20th August.