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5 Facts you might not know about Led Zeppelin

Zeptember 10/09/2018

1. Jimmy Page initially wanted to name the band 'Lead Zeppelin'

When Page first formed the band in 1968, it was called The New Yardbirds. Later, when they decided to change the band name, Page wanted to call themselves 'Lead Zeppelin' but was worried that Americans might pronounce it as 'Leed' instead, so they settled on Led Zeppelin.

2. Terry Reid could have been the lead vocalist

At the time, 19-year-old Reid had just signed with a producer who wanted to make him a solo artist. The Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers singer said no to Page and recommended Robert Plant to Page. He also described Plant looking like a "Greek God".

3. Joan Baez's song was the catalyst for Led Zeppelin

When Page and Plant met for the first time, they bonded over Joan Baez's version of "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You". They then reworked the song for their debut album.

Watch them perform the song at Copenhagen in 1969

4. Jimmy Page and manager Peter Grant paid for the recording sessions of the debut album

Page was so concerned with losing artistic control, he decided to use his pocket money to pay £1782 (3,400 NZD) for the 30 hours of recording and mixing sessions.

"I wanted artistic control in a vise grip because I knew exactly what I wanted to do with these fellows," said Page.

In return, the band made over 2,000 times the money they have invested in, grossing over £3.5 million.

5. Jimmy Page once dated a 14-year-old teen

At the time, Page was 28 years old and was infatuated with the teen model, Lori Maddox. She was petite, had large brown eyes and gorgeous chestnut curls. There were rumours that she first lost her virginity to David and Angie Bowie when she was only thirteen. 

Jimmy Page and Lori Maddox

Page was still dating Miss Pamela of the all-girl groupie, GTOs in 1972 but when he went to Los Angeles on the Zeppelin tour, he immediately chased after Lori. The story went on about Lori ignoring his advances many times, later stating that she was initially frightened of him. Later, she was "kidnapped" by the band's tour manager to Page's hotel room at the Hyatt where Page has set up a romantic mood for her where they started

their affair and kept it a secret from Pamela and everyone else as Lori was only fourteen at the time.

After his relationship with Pamela ended, Page and Lori were happily in love for the next year and a half until he left her for Bebe Buell, who was thankfully an adult.

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