Watch Led Zeppelin's perform "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" live on Danish TV in 1969

live 06/09/2018

On 17th March 1969, Led Zeppelin played a superb live set for Danmarks Radio in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Watch Led Zeppelin perform in front of one of the quietest audience ever live on television for the very first time. Previously, they have only lip-synced to "Communication Breakdown" for Swedish TV.

"Babe I'm Gonna Leave You"  is written by Anne Bredon in the late 1950s. The folk song was later recorded and released by Joan Baez in her 1962 album. When Jimmy Page was on the hunt for a vocalist for his new band, he met Robert Plant and bonded over Joan Baez's rendition of the song.

In this live set, Page is seen playing his 1959 Fender Telecaster gifted by Jeff Beck. The electric guitar features a dragon Page has painted and was his main guitar during his time with the Yardbirds.

Initially, Baez's album had not credited Anne Bredon for the song and Led Zeppelin credited their version of the track as "Trad. arr. Page". They have only aware of Bredon in the '80s, where they have since credited the song "Anne Bredon/Jimmy Page & Robert Plant". Bredon has also received a substantial back-payment of royalties for the song.


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