Relive the night Led Zeppelin's first TV appearance performing "How Many More Times" in 1969

live 04/09/2018

On 17th March 1969, Led Zeppelin played a superb live set for Danmarks Radio in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Watch Led Zeppelin perform in front of one of the quietest audience ever live on television for the very first time. Previously, they have only lip-synced to "Communication Breakdown" for Swedish TV.

The band were only together less than six months and they have already started to show their uniqueness including Jimmy Page's ethereal violin-bow guitar solo that can be seen in the performance video above.

In this live set, Page is seen playing his 1959 Fender Telecaster gifted by Jeff Beck. The electric guitar features a dragon Page has painted and was his main guitar during his time with the Yardbirds.

The eight-minute track, "How Many More Times" is the longest song on their debut album. Page told Guitar World magazine in 1993, "It was made up of little pieces I developed when I was with the Yardbirds, as were other numbers such as "Dazed And Confused". It was played live in the studio with cues and nods." Both the title and Robert Plant's voice was a nod to Howlin' Wolf's 1951 track "How Many More Years", as well as other blues musicians that influenced him during their recording sessions.


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