Fleetwood Mac plans to write music with new lineup

music news 17/09/2018

Mick Fleetwood has revealed that a potential new album could be on it's way with Fleetwood Mac's new lineup, consisting of Mike Campbell and Neil Finn.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Mick tells them that having two new members have changed the band dramatically. "I think one of the reasons we've survived is that we welcome people for who they are, not have them feel they need to be a karaoke copycat or anything. Anyone who's come into this band has been free to be who they are".

He added, “But we went into it with spirit and knew that it was really, really good and had to feel right. And now we are able to say that and feel that and, now, play that. That's how we got where we are. … With Mike and Neil, that spirit has been ignited in a way that made this really make sense.”

Mick acknowledged that both Mike and Neil "have their own credibility in their own right from their careers" and were still thrilled to be playing Fleetwood Mac tunes instead of their own music. "The amount of absolute pleasure they're having in playing these songs energizes the rest of us, and of course their own styles have affected some of the things we're doing, which is invigorating," he continued. 

"They bring their own substance and we're having fun reinterpreting a couple things here and there which I think is going to be different and fun for our audience too.”

Mick avoided giving any details about their new tracks, only noting that the band has a new direction now with their new lineup and fans should expect a few nods to the new members' history in their new music.

He also added that the band looks forward to making music with their new members. "It isn't right now, but this is a highly creative bunch of people that still have a lot in that bag, in that mojo bag, that I would love to see, and I think we will see some of that over the next couple years or so.”