John Bonham from Led Zeppelin is the greatest drummer of his era

Music 25/09/2018

One of the most influential groups of the '70s era, Led Zeppelin is a band consisting of the very best musicians, with Jimmy Page on guitar, Robert Plant on vocals and bass, keyboardist John Paul Jones and John Bonham on drums.

To commemorate Bonham's death anniversary, let's focus on the great drummer and discover how Led Zeppelin obtained their unique style, thanks to Bonham's fierce drumming.

Bonham joined Led Zeppelin on the recommendation of Plant. Initially, Page had other drummers in mind for the band but after watching Bonham play at a club, both Page and manager, Peter Grant, were ultimately convinced that Bonham was the ideal drummer for Led Zeppelin.

At first, Bonham was reluctant to join. However, thanks to the many telegrams sent over by Plant and Grant, he finally chose Led Zeppelin over Cocker and Farlowe's offer, recalling

I decided I liked their music better thank Cocker's or Farlowe's

Thank goodness for Plant and Grant not giving up on Bonham. Without him, Led Zeppelin could have a very different style from what we know today.

Watch Polyphonic explain how John Bonham integrates perfectly with his band members in the full video above.